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Romanian peasant blouses - 100% hand embroidered

romanian folk blouses

Romanian peasant Blouse code: 654NR Romanian folk art - hand embroidered blouses

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Romanian folk blouse Romanian folk costumes - peasant blouses - ie

romanian folklore blouse

Romanian Folk Blouse code: 654NR Peasant blouse - hand embroidered in Romania.

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Romanian peasant blouse code: 654NR Hand embroidered Romanian peasant blouses - ie

romanian peasant blouse

Romanian peasant blouse code: 654NR Romanian traditional clothes - folk fashion

romanian peasant blouses

Romanian peasant blouses code: 654NR peasant blouses - hand embroidered in Romania

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Romanian Blouse 654NR

price: 104 EUR

Fabric is fine gauze cotton. Embroidery threads: cotton and silk. It takes more than 3 weeks to complete the embroidery of one blouse like this. (as it is hand embroidered)

Blouse care: Hand wash at max. 30'C. Ironing.

Worldwide delivery from Romania.

EU countries transport cost - 6 EUR/blouse. For other countries, please ask for the shipping cost.

Want to buy this blouse?

contact: phone.: +40 723 678 662